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    Torrentz software is a bittorrent client which enables users to download/upload torrents and share data over a peer to peer network. Here we will take a look at Torrentz in a more detailed way.

    Torrentz was originally known as Azureus. It was initially released in 2003 on as open source software which adhered to the bittorrent protocol enabling users to download and upload torrent files. Although the original Azureus client was released under the GNU licence, the recent upgrade to Torrentz has introduced some proprietary elements and the current licence agreement is far more restrictive.

    Azureus was written in Java and was touted to be the only cross-platform torrent platform of that time. An Azure engine was created on which the original Azureus was based. In fact, the current Torrentz client is also based on the original open source Azure engine. The original client could not only download and upload torrents, but it also enabled users to view, share and download original works created by them or other users. Being a content creator enabled users to make money from their original work.

    Back in 2003, Tyler Pitchford, one of the co-creator of the software was the first to suggest a blue poison dart frog as the logo for Azureus and since the names chosen for their development projects were the Latin names of various poison dart frogs in the first place, this was an easy decision. In 2006, it was decided that Azureus needed a makeover, and with the help of the original development team, Torrentz downloader was developed. During the beta stages, Azureus and Torrentz were released as independent clients. Eventually the development of Azureus as an independent client was halted, and the combined Torrentz software was released. As an unified client, it was finally released on June 16, 2008 with new “social” features which encourage communication between users downloading the same torrent. With this release, the licence was changed to a closed source proprietary licence and restrictions were introduced to protect the code from being reverse engineered or being distributed freely. This move received some bad publicity among its users but the problem has been solved today.

    The current client brings a slightly more user friendly interface and makes it easier to communicate with other users. In a way, this has been viewed as a step forward; for example, the distributors and creators of indie films wanting to share their films over p2p will now be able to get reviews directly from the users. The development of Torrentz continues but some controversial decisions have slowed down its adaptation. As mentioned before, the change from open source to closed source software ensured the loss of loyalty from some long time users. Torrentz has done well, maintaining its market share despite heavy competition over the past few years. It also received a 5 on 5 star rating from CNET calling Torrentz a “bloated but happy” client to work with.