» Bittorrent sites should filter torrents RIAA says

A fresh list of “notorious websites” has been submitted to the United States by the RIAA. All the main torrent sites, linking sites, cyberlockers like the RapidShare are included in the list. It has been acknowledged by the music group that almost all the sites are giving a response to the takedown requests but there is a problem with the users of the sites who are re-uploading the infringing files.

This list is compiled by the RIAA each and every year. The efforts of the Government are credited by the music group. But in spite of all the success gains, the problem of piracy is not completely going away. Hence a compilation of another fresh list of “notorious” websites has been done by record labels which according to them is profiting from the indirect or direct copyright infringement. There are varied file sharing portals which include sites of BitTorrent.

It is admitted by the RIAA that several famous sites of BitTorrent take down links if asked but these requests of takedown do not show the expected effect as the users of the sites can easily re-upload the content. This problem gets more complicated with the being of several comparable files under varied URLs. RIAA now wants to put an end to this big problem and will expect from the sites of BitTorrent to take practical and upbeat measures for ensuring that the infringing files are not being supplementary to their service for starting with. Thus the owners of copyright are compelled to participate in these problems for which ample e4sources are required for chasing the content of infringing files and the similar content has to then reappear. For stopping the indexing of torrents, sites of BitTorrent has to take positive measures as soon as possible.

The Pirate Bay gives a lot of problems and is one of those sights which do not give a response to the requests of take down from the holders of copyright. It is also informed to the Government by the RIAA that this site keeps on functioning in spite of the illegal convictions against the previous operators. After all the illegal convictions and the civil litigation which was successful in Sweden, still the site has been active and is thought as the most famous site of BitTorrent all over the world in which almost six million users have registered who upload and make the content accessible to almost over twenty six million users. The RIAA said that along with this service, the music and films which are popular all over the world can be downloaded instantly. The RIAA also told that the site has been monitoring the usage of a VPN service which was free and was supposed to get initiated by the Pirate Bay in that year but it was not realised that it was just an advertisement.