» P2P users are more fans than usual customers

A true fan would do whatever it takes to get their hands on the things they love. For music, there are no boundaries, and it holds true for its fans too. In a recent study, it was found that music fans, true music fans, buy more music on P2P networks, than the other category of people. There have been a lot of argument among many communities and organization, as to why is this becoming a trend rather than a habit. The average non sharing consumer is known to spend 191 dollars compared to the $267 spent by their sharing counterparts. There are many speculations as to why this is being done: is it because there is a group of people that want the prices in music industry to go down, or is it because they are bigger fans of the music they love.

Organizations such as RIAA have responded to these claims by acquiring results from researches being done by some universities and independent researchers. They found that people who use peer to peer services spend 30% more than people who buy the music in a more legal manner. The VP of RIAA analysis branch was quick to respond, saying that this is not purchasing of the music, rather the term piracy should be used here. According to researches, it is all related to the fact that how much you love the music. The data collected by some researchers concluded that 40% of people, in the age profile of 18-35 years old, tend to buy music from the file sharing services.

Why are people driven to this way?

This would mean that people, who save more by buying more, are doing it for their dedication to the music, as they go to the shows and wear the merchandise of their favorite bands. This in turn, is still favorable to the music industry, as it is boosting the sale of other things than the music. It is the lust for the music that makes a person buy more and spend more on music as a whole, while spending less and less on a single music file. It is however unfortunate, that it is only possible on the file sharing networks, and people are more bent towards this method than buying generally.

There are still arguments among many who believe that it is not the people who use the P2P services that visit the shows and buy those T-shirts. Whatever the reason is behind this new trend, the point is that people who could not afford the music are bound to find shortcuts or new ways of acquiring and there is no stopping to their free spirits. There is however, a fact that the revenue generated by music industry is quite less than the revenue generated almost a decade ago. This may have been the same even if the file sharing services were not available, as there is no noticeable increase seen in the number of non sharing consumers.