» The EU domain was suspended but is online now

For some time now the Police of UK has been sending out notifications to websites that are connected to copyrighted materials. In their formal writings the Police Unit is asking the webmasters to close their sites or remove infringed content. There was no reply or action.

Yesterday, on May 26th, the Torrentz.eu webpage went offline due to their domain registrar taking action according to the demand from UK Police. Their DNS was pointed away and nobody could reach the site. Despite that, the site was accessible through some other domain names.

Torrentz has not been a serious target before, as it only provides a search engine to look for torrent files, and therefore no files or content is hosted by the system itself. This search engine has millions of users who reach and use the search every day.

Many domain registrars wait for a court order before taking any action, but in this case the request from the London Police of UK was enough for the Polish registrar to shut down Torrentz.eu. The Police representative justified their decision with the fact that websites connected to piracy cannot perform legally.

Today, one day after this incidence the torrent engine is back online. The team behind suspended domain clarified that the action taken against their website was unlawful and it cannot be judged by someone sending emails on the internet. So the site is back up and the owners of this system are happy with results, though there will be probably more events to come related to the recent incidence.