» Torrentz meta-search engine is shut down

The well-known Torrentz meta-search engine used by millions of users everyday has been shut down. The popular torrent search that linked to other sources has decided to discontinue its operations.

How Torrentz first started

Torrentz started back in 2003 and has won millions of loyal users during its period of operation. It soon became one of the most visited torrent sites online. The technical side of Torrentz is that it doesn’t host any torrents itself but only work as a meta-search engine, therefore it links out to other torrent sources. Still very convenient to use for searching files others have uploaded.

What has happened

Today in 2016, Torrentz has unfortunately announced that the search feature will be discontinued from now on. It was a great surprise all over the world that the torrent giant has made up its mind to cease its search functionality. Torrentz search linked to one of the largest torrent engines – the Pirate Bay, but this has now also come to an end.

In fact, the search looks as it was still working but it won’t find you anything. It just says farewell to the users and thanks everyone for using it. The login for users doesn’t work either. It really is a surprise that a search engine with over 200 million visits per month has so suddenly decided to shut down.

The team behind Torrentz has not given any comments yet, but their decision is believed to have connections to the KickassTorrents shutdown few weeks ago. It’s dark times in the torrent world.