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  • Torrentz

    1. Install Free Software

    Download and run the instant setup of the program. The wizard will guide you through the installation.

    2. Search and Download

    Use the most opportunities offering search, filter your results and download the media you like!

    3. High Quality Torrents

    Each torrent has its review and comments for you to choose the right file to download.

    Torrentz software is universally popular software for fast file sharing. It is again in discussion due to its current version which is released on Dec. 2011. This version of the software is revealed with more advance and amazing applications. That’s why it is known as one of the most popular apps in the computer world.

    It is lunched currently with following interesting features:
    • It is able to help the user to share its videos, movies and other visual contents with friends and get their interesting comments.
    • Advance form of searching data can be followed through the software.
    • The user can utilize the software for publishing original contents.
    • The user can browse and download high quality content in Torrentz network.
    • This app is much useful for chatting with friends.
    • Torrentz specifically provide maximum speed to upload and download contents.
    • The most powerful feature of Torrentz is its multiple user interface system.
    • Media can be directly transferred to external devices through the software.
    • Contents can be downloaded according to the priority.
    • Detailed and proxy settings can be made by using Torrentz software.
    • Files can be opened within the program in this software.
    • The software helps in adding the favorite contents by its quick subscriptions.

    Torrentz has comparatively quicker downloading capacity. It organizes fast speed of downloading contents by the management of bandwidths. No longer buffering can waste user’s time. Smooth and offline playbacks are additional properties of downloading through this software. One can watch the content in full screen clearly now. The content can be dragged and dropped selectively in the device of user’s choice. The content of the choice can be subscribed easily. Once the user selects its favorite content, it can be subscribed in its library easily. Additionally, the contents of same episode and relation are displayed to the user in side toolbar from where it can be selected as per the requirement.

    Torrentz is now available with its remote. The user can commit secured remote controlling by any computer or smart phone with the help of a web browser. The software is available in an HD screen. It is capable to perform any video designed on any type of file. It is assisted by a full size attractive screen. The video just needs to be clicked on play to run smoothly. There is no need to explain the software how to play and perform the downloaded video file. The data downloaded through Torrentz software can be transferred to the phone, ipod, playstation etc. the data of interest just needs to be dragged and dropped in the selected device for better playback. The software automatically finds out the formats and types of the files for the content to be played without any obstruction.

    The main purpose of Torrentz is to be advance software in the field of video formatting. It changes the format of the file, if required. So, the user just requires watching the smooth working of the app without using its smart brain.