Download Torrentz Software
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  • Up to 7000 kb/s
  • Many search options
  • No web surfing necessary
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  • Torrentz

    1. Install Free Software

    Download and run the instant setup of the program. The wizard will guide you through the installation.

    2. Search and Download

    Use the most opportunities offering search, filter your results and download the media you like!

    3. High Quality Torrents

    Each torrent has its review and comments for you to choose the right file to download.

    Torrentz software, formerly Azureus, is a bittorrent client used to download torrents. In this guide we take a step by step look at the Torrentz software, so you get started with downloading movies, music and other data in no time!

    With every iteration Torrentz has gotten better. The newest version 4.0 has a clean and lighter feel while still adding more functions over its predecessors. It offers a “Torrents HD Network” to find HD content, has a “Find, Download and Play” to easily search for torrents, a subscription model which lets you download and review community generated data lists, RSS and many more attractive features making it an ideal client to start with for a newb or a geek alike. So, let’s get started!

    Setting it Up

    Download the latest client here using the button above. Follow the given steps and install it to the computer.

    Once installed run the software and select the option “NAT/Firewall Test” from the Help menu. This step will help us test if your connection is behind a firewall or a NAT. If so, you will need to either disable your firewall/add Torrentz to exceptions or set up port forwarding. Test a port between 42000 and 65000. Others might work, but this is the safest range. If the test returns an OK you can safely choose that port.

    Finally run the “Configuration Wizard” from the Help menu. Select the Intermediate user proficiency level and perform a speed test. The wizard will automatically detect this although you can make changes you deem necessary. Finally the wizard will ask you for a default save path for torrents you download. Select a directory for this.

    Downloading Stuff

    There are very many options here. The Torrents HD network will provide you with a varied collection of movies, TV shows, sports clips etc. Just click on the download button when you see something you like. Torrentz will also play your downloaded file, just double click on the file once its done.

    The BitTorrent Tracker search is a far more advanced search option. You can configure and add your favourite torrent sites by simply adding the tracker link to a new custom search template. You might need to add your name and password to “registered users only” sites. The search will now search all the trackers you added as well as the default build in ones.

    Finally you have the subscriptions option. This option is basically a pimped up RSS feed. Basically, users create subscription templates which a freely available to anyone. These templates offer far more customization options over RSS feeds, effectively curbing too many duplicates and irrelevant results. This feature grows better everyday as more and more community created subscriptions are added.

    You can also manually scourge the Internet for torrent files of whatever you want to download and Torrentz will play nice with it. It also offers a variety of community created plug-ins which you can add to enhance the default functionalities.

    Uninstalling the application

    We are sorry if you don’t find the application useful and want to uninstall it. As the software is only for Windows, there is not much you must do to uninstall. From the Start menu, click Settings and go to Control Panel. Open Add/Remove Programs (or just Uninstall link). There you must seek out the application name, and choose to Uninstall. Everything will be done automatically and the program will be removed.